Friday, September 15, 2017

Review tour: Lavender by Xavier Axelson

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Length: 23,619 words

Publisher: JMS Books


Following the sudden death of his father, Lawrence "Law" Crow must not only comfort his bereaved mother, but also find the strength to continue running the family business, a local and beloved lavender farm in the mountains of northern California. At first, consumed with his own grief and struggling to find meaning in life, Law indulges in his vices, mainly by surrendering to his sexual urges with numerous men, all in a desperate battle to forget his pain and to end the emotional turmoil tearing him apart.

But when a stunningly handsome and passionate Spanish soccer player named Garbi suddenly crosses his path, Law discovers light in the possibility of love. Does Garbi have the ability to heal Law's shattered heart, provide him with purpose, and help him fully embrace the joy of living once again amidst the beautiful and fragrant lavender fields?

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Author Bio

Xavier Axelson is a writer and columnist living in Los Angeles. Axelson’s work has been featured in various erotic and horror anthologies including Best Gay Erotica 2016 Volume 2, Best Gay Erotica 2015, Men of The Manor from Cleis Press, The Bears of Winter from Bear Bones Books, Tricks of The Trade from Bold Strokes Books and First Time Dead from May December Publications.


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Let me start out by being perfectly honest... this book didn't really do it for me.

That doesn't mean the book wasn't good.  I thought it was pretty good. The fact that the book didn't do anything for me doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good story or good characters.

I think one of the things that kinda turned me off was the mother. Sure she was grieving the loss of her husband, but I couldn't accept her abandoning her son and the family business.

The son carried on the best he could with the help of his best friend and a summer employee.

The whirlwind romance between Law and Garbi was pretty cool, but I found Garbi's injury and wanting to say with Law instead of going with his soccer team was not realistic in my opinion.

I'm confident that others will enjoy reading Lavender.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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