Saturday, June 18, 2016

New from JJ Harper: Elysium

Title: Elysium
Series: Reunion Series #3
Author: JJ Harper
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: June 16, 2016
With Nico by his side, Ryan says goodbye to his old life and moves away, leaving his job and his hometown behind him.
Ready for a fresh new start together, Ryan and Nico settle down into a slower and easier lifestyle and life becomes as perfect as they could wish for.
When Ryan is unexpectedly reminded of the life he happily walked away from, his world is turned upside down when he gets notice of news that he never expected to hear. Ryan is tormented by what is being asked of him; the very thing he was promised would never be asked of him again.
A man Nico once knew returns, and Nico wishes he'd never caught up with Lyle. His ploy to keep Lyle away from Ryan fails and Lyle tells all about his previous connection to Nico. Ryan takes off, leaving no clues as to where he's gone and Nico is devastated believing that Ryan has left him.
When Ryan finally returns home; so does his past and he is forced to visit an old friend. But things are not what they seem and Ryan must fight as hard as he can to keep himself safe.
Maybe the perfect life with a happy ever after just isn't in the cards for Ryan and Nico after all.
Reading this may seriously raise you blood pressure, contains lots of hot scenes of sex between two men and has strong language throughout
This book is intended for 18+ readers.

I’m a slightly crazy one-click addict that writes the thoughts that run through my head.
I love a good love story and always want a happy ending. 
I live quietly in the Lincolnshire countryside, with my own heart-throb and my crazy dog.


To what lengths are people willing to go to in order to protect friends and family? This is a question Ryan once had to answer. However, the answer to the question came with consequences. Consequences that come back to haunt him, despite all his attempts to bury the memories of the atrocities he was forced to endure. Fortunately, Nico loves him deeply and is bound and determined to do whatever it takes to help him face and conquer his demons.

I can't help but wonder if I would have the courage and strength to go to the lengths that Ryan did. I'd like to think so, but I just don't know. I also can't help but wonder how many other Ryans are out there.

It is difficult to get past the first chapter without being swept up in the lives of Ryan and Nico.

The characters are incredibly real and complex. The realism plot gives it the appearance that it was plucked right from the news headlines. It's just that real.

Elysium is an incredibly powerful story that will make you look at people like Ryan in a different light.

I have to say, though, some editorial mistakes made a couple small sections of the novel a little difficult to follow.

That being said, I strongly recommend Elysium, giving it a 4.75 out of 5.

Having read Elysium, I now want to read the first 2 books of the Reunion series.

Well done, JJ, very well done.    

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