Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday briefs - Evan's Woodworking chapter 1

Chapter 1 of my new Wednesday Brief's story is now on line. You can read it by clicking here.

If you have just come across my blog and would like to read the entire story, you can click here to get to the Wednesday briefs page.

This week I used the full moon picture, as well as the word prompt 'He stroked the soft hair beneath his hand, wishing he could...'

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find in chapter 1:

Ethan walked into his workshop and looked around. He let out a contented sigh as he looked over the antique furniture waiting to be restored. Which one do I start with? He pondered. Evans Woodworking was well known throughout the state as the very best in furniture restoration. This was because Ethan Evans was the best. He had a great passion for his work and it showed. Although very humble in nature, he was simply the best and he knew it. He never let it affect him in any way other than the desire to continue to be the best.

I guess I’ll start with this old desk. He went to his computer and after a time printed out a picture of that the desk originally looked like. He worked for a couple of hours when the phone rang. “Evans Woodworking. Ethan speaking. How may I help you today?” He answered in a chipper voice.

“Hey, baby, watcha doin?”

A big smile lit up his face. “Hey Patrick. I’m working on restoring an old desk. It’s going to be awesome by the time I’m done with it.”

“Can I come over? I love watching you work. You’re so intense, yet peaceful at the same time. Shows how much you really love your work.”

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