Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday briefs - Love Across Time chapter 36

Chapter 36 of my Wednesday briefs story, Love Across Time is now up. You can read it by clicking here.

If you have just come across my blog and would like to read the entire story, you can click here to get to the Wednesday briefs page.

Here is a sneak peek at what you'll find in chapter 36:


Ryan’s cousin, Colin, slapped the Alarm Cancel button with one hand and the Emergency Reverse button with the other. Duncan raced into the control room, “What the hell was that?” He demanded.

“I don’t know,” Colin answered. “Just as I got here Ryan and Ethan were materializing in travellator 2. I hit the Emergency Reverse button to send them back. Let me take a look at the timeline monitor and logs to see if I can figure out what happened.”


“What just happened?” Troy asked as Ryan and Ethan materialized in the living room.

Ryan guided a shaky Ethan to the nearest chair and gently set him down before answering. “My guess would be that someone activated the automatic return system to bring me back and Ethan was close enough to me to get caught up in the chronometric particle stream and was pulled back to the future. As soon as we started materializing the timeline alteration alarm went off and somebody activated the emergency reverse system which sent us back here.” Suddenly, on shaky legs, Ethan bolted to the bathroom and vomited. “He’s okay,” Ryan quickly assured them. “It’s not uncommon for people who are in the materialization process to get sick if the process is interrupted with the dematerialization process unless you’re trained to deal with it. He’ll be fine. Slight bit of nausea is the worst he’ll get hit with.”

“Ryan, why would the alarm go off?” Chris asked, his brows furrowing in confusion. “If what you say is true about the two of use living in the future, what would make it go off?”

“I don’t know, but I promise you this; if you guys can’t come back to the future then I’ll stay here, even if I have to steal a temporal capacitator to do it.”

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