Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heading Down The Long Road chapter 12

Chapter 12 of Heading Down The Long Road (the 4th book in The Long Road series) is up. You can find the chapter here.

If you have not read the first 11 chapters yet, you can find them here.

Here's a little preview of what you'll find:

“No. We were able to stop the bleeding and relieve the pressure in your skull. We believe that it was what caused your coma. We’re going to run some tests. I’m pretty sure your blindness is only temporary, a hold-over from the coma.  Can you see anything at all?”

“No, nothing. It’s like I’m in a room with no doors or windows or lights. Just blackness.

“Well, now that you’re back with us” Dave started crying softly, “we can get more accurate brain scans to see what’s going on. I can also have an ophthalmologist come and take a look at your eyes. But for now, I’m sure the two of you would like to be alone.” He turned to Jay and the Commissioner. “Let’s give them some alone time.” They left the room. Doctor Foster went to the nurse’s station. “The patients in room twelve are not to be disturbed for at least an hour. They have a lot of issues they have to work out, mainly the loss of Dave Barton’s leg and John Doe’s blindness, so I want them to be undisturbed for at least an hour or two. I’ll write out an order to cover taking vitals, etc.” He wrote out the order, then placed an ‘Examination in progress, do not disturb sign on the door’. “If you guys need anything, ring your call bell.” He made sure both men had their call buttons where they could reach them, then left closing the door behind him.

“Dave, you know I love you, right?”


“I promised you that I would be with you during your rehab, and I’m going to keep that promise. However, if my blindness turns out to be permanent, you will need to find someone else to give you what I won’t be able to.”

“What do you mean by that?”

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