Friday, September 5, 2014

Heading Down The Long Road chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Heading Down The Long Road (the 4th book in The Long Road series) is up. You can find the chapter here.

If you have not read the first 8 chapters yet, you can find them here.

Here's a little preview of what you'll find:

“Kenson, on your feet. Your bail has been posted unfortunately. You’re free to go.” The guard unlocked former officer Kenson’s cell.

“By who?”


The guard was fuming as he walked the former PPD officer to the front desk. “Here’s your stuff, ass-wipe.”

“Who are you calling ass-wipe, faggot.”

“You, ass-wipe.”

“I should…” Kenson balled up his fist and pulled his arm back.

“Go ahead. Take a swing. I’d love to lock your sorry ass back up.”

Kenson rethought his current course of action and instead of swinging, dropped his arm, grabbed the envelope that contained his personal effects and walked out. “Thanks for posting my bail Captain.”

“I’m no longer a captain.” Jenkins responded. “Fucking faggot Peters went crying to that faggot-loving Commissioner and got me fired.”

“Same here, only in my case, the little Mary went to that sorry excuse of a Deputy Mayor.”

“I know; which is why I posted your bail. I need your help with a little payback. Let’s go somewhere where we can talk in private. I have an idea that requires your particular expertise.”

“You got it” Kenson agreed emphatically. “Whatever it takes to teach that sorry-assed faggot a lesson he’ll never forget I’ll do.”

“Here’s my idea…”

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