Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday brief - Love Across Time chapter 20

 Chapter 20 of my Wednesday briefs story, Love Across Time is now up. You can read it by clicking here.

If you have just come across my blog and would like to read the entire story, you can click here to get to the Wednesday briefs page.

Here is a sneak peek at what you'll find in chapter 20:

He returned with Ryan in tow. Hugs and cheers abounded. “All charges against Ryan have been dropped. He turned to Ryan. "We have to talk. As for the rest of you, take the rest of the day off with my thanks for a job very well done. You've earned it." To Ryan, he said, "let's go back to my office."

Once seated in Duncan's office, Duncan began, "As I said in the car, you're still not off the hook as far as your young man goes."

Ryan's heart skipped a couple of beats as he thought of Ethan. His face fell at the thought of possibly never seeing him again. He knew without a doubt that he was in love with him. He also knew that all evidence of them meeting had been erased from existence. He hung his head to hide the silent tears of his heartbreak. "I love him," he whispered.

"I know you do," Duncan soothed. "He's an exceptional young man." Ryan's head jerked up when he heard this. "Yes, I've met him, and you're going to as well."

            "Wait. What? Say that again slowly, please."

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