Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Brief - Love Across Time chapter 15

 Chapter 15 of my Wednesday briefs story, Love Across Time is now up. You can read it by clicking here.

If you have just come across my blog and would like to read the entire story, you can click here to get to the Wednesday briefs page.

Here is a sneak peek at what you'll find in chapter 15:

 Duncan picked up his phone and dialed. "Liam, what's going on with the timeline?"

         "You're not going to believe this," Liam replied with a note of disbelief in his voice. "When Ryan died, the timeline skewed right off the charts. The computers have all crashed with fatal errors. I think we're headed towards a major paradox," he said with a shudder.

         "Ok. Is travellator 4 ready?"

         "Ready whenever you are."

         "Good. Has Adrienne returned."

         "A few minutes ago."

         "Ok. Thanks." He hung up and hit the overhead page button. "Adrienne, please come to my office." He turned to Connor. "I have a job for the two of you." As Adrienne came in and sat down, Duncan continued, "I want the two of you to dig into the backgrounds of the members of the Tribunal. See if there is any connection between the Tribunal and Ryan's cases. Somebody is out to get Ryan. I'm leaving in a few minutes to stop the attack on Ryan in prison. The more I study this situation the more I'm convinced that we have a temporal causality loop on our hands. Somehow, Ryan and this Ethan Evans are connected somehow." As an afterthought he added, "See what information is available as to when and who created the universal STD vaccines and HIV cure." All of this is connected somehow. I can feel it. I just need to figure out how and to fix the timeline before a catastrophic paradox happens. Let's get this done."

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