Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aaron's Journey Down The Long Road (book 3 in The Long Road series)

18-year-old Aaron was your typical popular, happy-go-lucky hometown sports hero with a dream. The lifelong dream of becoming a Firefighter. Given his father's unreasonable attitude towards Firefighters in general, Aaron realizes that this dream is beyond his reach.

A forced revelation to his best friend suddenly turns Aaron's world upside down and inside out. Suddenly, he is faced with no longer having a home, a family or friends. Lost, he does the only think he can think of - enlisting in the Air Force. Unbeknownst to Aaron, enlisting has more than one advantage - not only can he pursue his dream of becoming a Firefighter, but he finds happiness in a way that he never dreamed of.

However, that happiness comes with a cost. Is he willing to pay that cost?

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